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Interview Prep Course

Company Basics


Interview Invite LLC, was founded with a simple mission, to provide Job Seekers the Training and Technology they need to make confident career decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the career growth they desire. We address their most critical challenges, priorities and opportunities: Job Search, Interview Preparation, and Economic Stability.

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Values We live and work by:

Everyone’s Invited
  • It’s essential that our team represent our employees’ diverse experiences. We look for culture adds, not culture fits. But we do have a strict No Asshole policy.
Job Seekers Come First
  • Across everything we do, we always ask ourselves, “How will this make life easier (and more fun) for our job seekers and their experience?”
There’s Always A Way
  • The word “no” isn’t in our vocabulary. We believe every problem has a solution and we go above and beyond to find it.
Transparency Is Key
  • Three things we always do: speak up, welcome feedback, and own our mistakes. Because honesty and trust build extraordinary teams.