Increase your Hiring Conversions with our Unique tools

Interview Prep Courses

What are Interview Prep Course?
Custom, branded Interview Prep Courses to help applicants prepare for their upcoming interviews with your recruiters.

How does it work?
We work with your team to define how the candidate should prepare and what they need to know to ace their interview. Additionally, we’ll create a quiz at the end of each course to ensure they are prepped for the interview. Your applicants can access the course directly from their phone, the app or the web and you’ll be notified once they pass the quiz.

Bottom Line Benefits

  • 300% improvement in candidate fit
  • 4x better conversions

Job Distribution & One Click Apply

What is our Job Distribution and One-Click Apply?
Your job postings are sent, through our app, to our active job seekers, that match what you’re company is looking for.  Using the app, they can use their profile to one-click apply.

How does it work?
Job Seekers create a profile when the sign up for the app.  This reduces the typical application drop-off of having to create a profile or sign up to apply to a job you found on the job board, which also saves you money from ppc campaigns.  Now job seekers can view the jobs we pulled in from your ATS, distribute them across our job seekers.  Once the job seeker see’s a job they like, they can then apply by clicking the Easy Apply button which sends their profile as an application into your ATS.  It’s a simple one-click apply.  If you decide not to allow for one click apply, that’s okay too.  Job Seekers can use their profile information to Autofill your application form on your career site.  

How is this different from a job board?
Job boards rely on job seekers coming to their site and searching for your job.  If they find your job, they apply and the application gets stuck on that job board.  Then your recruiters are forced to to manually bring over the applications .  Career Path’s Easy Apply brings the jobs to the job seeker and then sends the applications directly to your ATS or applicant technology.    

Job Board Challenges:

  • The job seeker isn’t looking at that job board you posted to
  • The job seeker clicks on job but doesn’t apply 
  • The job seeker can’t save the job unless he creates a profile
  • The job seeker might not be a fit for the job but still sees the job
  • Job Board doesn’t take them to your site, rather forces them to create a profile

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Increased applies
  • Increased conversions
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Reduced spend in PPC
  • Reduced marketing spend
  • Increased talent longevity